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The branch, where you should to study!

(Russian version)

National research university - South Ural State University is one of the biggest NRUs in Russia. It can be truly considered as a center of high quality education while providing strong fundamental academic base as well as practical aspect of education. Today SUSU offers many study courses on different scientific directions such as technical, physical, economical and humane ones. Courses varies depending on the faculty.

SUSU branch in Zlatoust is the oldest and the biggest one among the other branches. For a lot of seniors from metallurgical area of Chelyabinsk region and neighbor Bashkortostan republic as well as from other regions of Russian federation and near abroad countries Zlatoust branch can be considered as a home university.

Virtual tour around Zlatoust SUSU branch gives school-leavers a great opportunity to walk around and feel the true student atmosphere even without going outside. Virtual tour is like open door for everyone!

While our virtual tour you can visit lecture rooms, scientific laboratories of different subjects, computer classes, exhibition hall, art room, library, reading and video halls, canteen and other interesting places.

You can start your virtual tour by clicking «here» or the picture. 

Unique location is another feature of Zlatoust branch. Zlatoust is truly beautiful town located on the border between Europe and Asia. Due to it originality and nature charms this place is called Ural Switzerland.

Student of our branch have great opportunities to spend their free time: in Zlatoust there are several museums, culture clubs, the oldest drama theatre of Chelyabinsk region, movie theaters, sport clubs, Olympic swimming pool 'Uralochcka', modern skating rink, health and fitness park Taganay, biathlon centre of Ishmuratova, mountain ski resort.

Please click «here» or on the picture to start your virtual tour.

Virtual tour navigation:

Change direction with arrows at the bottom of a screen;

Change scale with mouse wheel;

To activate or close full-screen mode double click on panorama;

Change panoramas by choosing one from the right corner.